To challenge and to change – that is the mission

19 10 2011

There has been lots of discussion around gender equality and diversity over the past months – years!
The arguments are about fairness AND economic performance.

From Women’s Enterprise :
“As long as women remain under-represented in enterprise through lack of practical support, the government is wasting a multi-billion pound opportunity to grow the economy.”

From the Davies Report
“This is not about aiming for a specific figure and is not just about promoting equal opportunities but it is about improving business performance. There is growing evidence to show that diverse boards are better boards, delivering financial out-performance and stock market growth.”

Stephen Alambritis, Commissioner at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said:
“At the current rate of change it will take 73 years for women to achieve equal representation on the boards of FTSE 100 companies. We need to speed up progress. This is not just a moral issue. Our businesses are paying a penalty; there is evidence that more diverse boards take better and more responsible decisions.

Yet, for example, of 180 HR directors surveyed by recruitment firm Robert Half, only 41 per cent said they were running or planning initiatives to help women achieve professional parity with men and according to figures released by CMI, the gap between how much male and female managers are paid has widened by £500 to £10,546 in the past year.

So while, young women achieve better educationally than boys at the age of 16 and a higher proportion of girls than boys continue in education to degree level, their early success does not translate into similar advantages in terms of careers and pay in later life.

We are all influenced by what is expected of us as a man or a woman. These expectations are subtle and pervasive and lead to the feeling ‘that this is the way that it has always been and will always be’. The challenge is to change those expectations.

Which leads me to the November Issue of the3rdimagazine.
It is up to us all, women and men working together, to take up the challenge of changing these expectations and help work towards increased diversity in the boardroom, the workplace, in public office and in our wider communities.

So for November, (deadline 2nd November for publication 7th) you have the chance to challenge the current expectations and share your views on issues around this theme, which will be expanded over the coming months to form a permanent “Diversity and Equality” section in the3rdimagazine.

I’m delighted to be supported in this venture by Jane Kenyon, co-founder at Girls Out Loud, serial entrepreneur, well respected coach, inspirational speaker and passionate advocate for equality and the need for change. Jane will act as editor for this new section from December onwards.

So please have your say and help us to challenge and to change.
Contact for details



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