Another man, another report, same old outcomes

28 02 2011

Research from Catalyst, McKinsey and others has shown that women on boards bring higher profits, higher quality earnings, better share price growth, better decisions and higher innovation.

The Davies report accepts this and recommends setting targets and asking companies to provide information on how they are meeting these targets.

How disappointing and predictable! These men just do not seem to get it – we do not want to do business the way that they do.

The Guardian editorial on Monday said: “Companies want women who behave like men. They cannot imagine a world organised differently from the one they see around them now. Equally, many talented women see no reason to tolerate the brutally individualistic environment of many City firms.”

There have been initiatives to encourage companies to “do the right thing” for decades and little has changed.

Business is all about profits and even though reasearch shows that women on boards bring higher profits AND better share price growth the composition of boardrooms hasn’t really changed.

I am not a fan of quotas as we could end up with 50% men in suits and 50% men in frocks. That is the number imbalance will have been addressed but the culture/attitude imbalance will not. If we continue to have women at the top who, generally speaking, are there because they conform to the male pattern of doing business, then nothing will have changed for the mojority of businesswomen.

The3rdi Magazine has been established as a co-operative business to create a community of women all actively working together to change things for the better, not just be manipulating figures but be promoting real change. We welcome your support and the more of us involved the more we can do! (

As a first step we are working with an extraordinary group of women in Scotland on the Inspiring Women Leaders … Dare We? programme. This is a unique year-long programme for women in Scotland focussed on taking action to achieve inspirational systemic change. The programme is borne out of, and builds on, the current national and international debate on women’s leadership; global dialogue exploring the changing nature of business; and research showing economic benefits of diversity in leadership – bringing these together with current exploration of the challenges in achieving systemic transformation.

If you would like more information, please message me.

Whatever you do, get involved. This cannot continue to be someone elses problem. We cannot expect government to fix this. Over the decades big business has shown that it has no real intention of changing.

We need to work together for change

Karen Birch and Anne Casey



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